Le collier Louxor de Baccarat

le_collier_louxor_de_baccarat_250_ans_elie_top_9450_north_545xUne parure anniversaire en cristal maison, rendu incandescent par le designer Elie Top, en hommage aux 250 ans de la manufacture.

Plastron extraordinaire, pendants du soir, bague cocktail… Immortalisée sur croquis et imaginée par Elie Top, cette parure Louxor aux lignes architecturées cristallise 250 ans de savoir-faire et fait revivre le souvenir des premiers bijoux éponymes des années 20. Continue reading

The perfect irresistible little indulgence! ❤

Bracelet Les Shinny by Leonor Heleno Designs 0096We are happy to announce the launch of the lovely and irresistible Bracelets Les Shinny! A must for the coming trends of Spring, with colours and the sophistication of the purest Crystal from Swarovski.

This bracelet is a real gift of love, beautifully made of sterling silver beads and 6mm Swarovski briolettes, it will truly be the perfect present for your loved ones. Continue reading

Special Mother’s Day – A gift for Eternity! ❤

Eternity Bracelet by LHDesigns_0003Because our mums are so special, it is important to show them the love they deserve on Mother’s Day next Mach 10. Here’s a lovely suggestion for her: a bracelet made of the finest Swarovski Crystal, and sterling silver. You can chose the Charm, and/ or Initials. Why not all the children’s names, or just yours?! A big heart, to say “I love you”?! Choices are numerous!! 😉

This bracelet is a real gift of love, beautifully made of sterling silver beads and 4mm Swarovski beads, it will truly be the perfect present.

This is the perfect gift for mother’s day, a birthday or an anniversary! Because a present is not for one day, but for Eternity!! ❤❤❤ Continue reading