Cartier’s Panther Bubble!

Cartier Panther gold and lapis bead ‘Bubble’ necklace

ImageGen.ashxThe panther is a perennial favourite at Cartier, and the maison is once again paying homage to its iconic big cat with a playful new collection of jewels. The Panthere ‘Bubble’ necklace, part of the new ‘Bubble’ colection, sees the spotted feline reclined inside a lapis lazuli bead, hand-carved until hollow by Cartier’s master craftsmen. Continue reading

✻ Le collier “Raven” d’ Estelle Dévé ✻

Just gorgeous!!

Leonor Heleno Designs - Bijoux Haute Fantaisie

estelle_dev__952010013_north_545xMoineaux, corbeaux, rossignols… les oiseaux de paradis de la créatrice franco-australienne trempent leurs plumes dans un alliage plaqué or pour mieux se poser à même la peau.

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400 ans d’histoire….

Ajoutez votre grain de sel personnel… (facultatif)

Leonor Heleno Designs - Bijoux Haute Fantaisie

05_28_ap45_broche_rose_math_350292781_north_883xL’histoire de la maison Mellerio se lit sur quatorze générations, de la vallée de Craveggia en passant par la rue de la Paix, à la lumière des grands noms de la royauté. Une saga étoilée signée Vincent Meylan, à découvrir aux éditions Télémaque.

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#WatchHungerStop de Michael Kors!

#watchHungerStop from Michael Kors!

Leonor Heleno Designs - Bijoux Haute Fantaisie

michael_kors__world_food_pr_64345872_north_545xJ’adore cette montre et je vous le cacherais pas, je la veux!!! 🙂

Halle Berry, Inez & VinoodhDoutzen Kroes… c’est une guest-list étoilée qui s’était réunie en avril dernier à New York pour soutenir Michael Kors dans son action en faveur du Programme Alimentaire Mondial. L’été est passé et c’est aux premiers jours de l’automne, que le créateur américain a choisi

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Mouawad Designs $10M Victoria’s Secret Royal Fantasy Bra


VC_BRA_2013The $10 million Victoria’s Secret Royal Fantasy Bra and Belt designed by Mouawad will be worn by Victoria’s Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel. The bejeweled bra will be unveiled in the 2013 Victoria’s Secret Dreams & Fantasies Catalogue as well as at The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show airing December 10 on the CBS television network. Continue reading

🌸 Clearance Sale! 🌸

Prepare for Christmas and buy some great bracelet in this Clearance Sale! Please remember that there is only one of each item. All reduced purchases must be done ON THIS PAGE!! 

Enjoy xx 🙂

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What is Fashion Jewelry?

Bracelet Silver Extravaganza backCostume jewelry (also called trinketsfashion jewelryjunk jewelryfake jewelry, or fallalery) is jewelry manufactured as ornamentation to complement a particular fashionable costume or garment. Costume jewelry came into being in the 1930s as a cheap, disposable accessory meant to be worn with a specific outfit. It was intended to be fashionable for a short period of time, outdate itself, and then be repurchased to fit with a new outfit or new fashion style. Its main use is in fashion, as opposed to “real” (fine) jewelry which may be regarded primarily as collectibles, keepsakes, or investments. Costume jewelry is made of less valuable materials including base metals, glass, plastic, and synthetic stones; in place of more valuable materials such as precious metals and gems.

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Do you know how to chose the right necklace?


necklace_sizeYou would like to buy a gift to a loved one?! A difficult task for men, AND for women!! So, now you have decided to go for a necklace, you just need to choose what type, and length to get her (or him)!

This is a usual question so I decided to put together a little help to give you better idea of what, when to wear the different type. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding the following, or if you simply need some advice for a gift!♥

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How to wear sterling Silver Jewelry to be trendy!

Le Roi Soleil by LHDesigns_0012

Associated to the moon due to its very unique white radiance, Sterling Silver is the most used precious metal in jewellery, not only for its beauty, but also for its malleability. More affordable than gold, and easier to wear, we all have sterling silver jewellery… How and with what wear Sterling Silver to look Fabulous and Chic in any circumstances?  Continue reading

Introducing the superb and fashion Necklace The Great Gatsby

2013-05 Necklace the Great Gatsby_0018I have the pleasure of introducing you the latest addition: the Necklace The Great Gatsby

Inspired from the movie “The Great Gatsby”, this necklace will guarantee you the attention of your friends and family. It is shinny and it gorgeous, and will make any outfit stand out in the crowd!!

Made entirely from the finest sterling silver, his tassel is also made of sterling silver.

This is an absolute must for the coming season, and the fashionista in you!! ❤❤❤

To see more details please click here

Missing you In Paris! Featuring @lhelenodesigns’ Jewelry!


A beautiful romantic story in Paris by bloggers @pretemoiparis and @quinntessences featuring @lhelenodesigns jewelry!! ♡

Gorgeous and a must in the Parisien trends!

I hope you’ll like it as much as I did!  And please let me know what you thought of the jewels! 🙂


Quinntessences & LH Designs

The perfect irresistible little indulgence! ❤

Bracelet Les Shinny by Leonor Heleno Designs 0096We are happy to announce the launch of the lovely and irresistible Bracelets Les Shinny! A must for the coming trends of Spring, with colours and the sophistication of the purest Crystal from Swarovski.

This bracelet is a real gift of love, beautifully made of sterling silver beads and 6mm Swarovski briolettes, it will truly be the perfect present for your loved ones. Continue reading

Special Mother’s Day – A gift for Eternity! ❤

Eternity Bracelet by LHDesigns_0003Because our mums are so special, it is important to show them the love they deserve on Mother’s Day next Mach 10. Here’s a lovely suggestion for her: a bracelet made of the finest Swarovski Crystal, and sterling silver. You can chose the Charm, and/ or Initials. Why not all the children’s names, or just yours?! A big heart, to say “I love you”?! Choices are numerous!! 😉

This bracelet is a real gift of love, beautifully made of sterling silver beads and 4mm Swarovski beads, it will truly be the perfect present.

This is the perfect gift for mother’s day, a birthday or an anniversary! Because a present is not for one day, but for Eternity!! ❤❤❤ Continue reading

♥♥ Our Valentine’s Day Selection ♥♥

In less than a month it is Valentine’s day on the 14 of february! So why not tell her you love her with a timeless, forever gift?! ♥♥ Show here how much you love her on the day! 🙂Bracelets Sweetie by Leonor Heleno Designs (1)          Continue reading

Last minute Christmas Gift ideas! ♥

Still haven’t got all your Christmas shopping done?! Didn’t find yet a present for her?!

Don’t panic, here are some great last minute Christmas gift ideas, that will guarantee you to impress her!!

These items are in stock and can be posted on the day. Please notice they are unique pieces! Also, we cannot guarantee delivery out of Europe in time for Christmas.  😉

Le bracelet manchette L'Élégance Bleue, en argent massif et Cristal Swarovski (bleu saphir). Un cadeau éblouissant qui en épatera plus qu'une!

The Blue elegance is a gorgeous bracelet in sterling silver and Swarovski Crystal. A spectacular gift that will amaze more than one!

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