Introducing the marvelous Casino Bracelet! ❤

2013-05 Bracelet Casino 2I am happy to introduce our latest addition! The Bracelet Casino, for a Casino Royal glam style! The luxury of the Monaco’s Casinos on your wrist…

This bracelet is an amazing piece that will guarantee you the attention of your friends and family. It is shinny and it gorgeous, and will make any outfit stand out of the crowd!!

And what is the biggest luxury, but to wear the only bracelet of one kind in the world!!

Made entirely from the finest sterling silver and the shiniest Swarovski crystal, this bracelet is sparkling!

Made entirely from the finest sterling silver, this necklace weights almost 120 grams.

For a trendy, and elegant look, the fashionista will adopt this baby in a sec! This is The must of the season!! ❤❤❤

The bracelet comes in a gorgeous box for a guarantee whoa factor!

This is a must for the coming season, and it is an unique piece!!

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