How to wear sterling Silver Jewelry to be trendy!

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Associated to the moon due to its very unique white radiance, Sterling Silver is the most used precious metal in jewellery, not only for its beauty, but also for its malleability. More affordable than gold, and easier to wear, we all have sterling silver jewellery… How and with what wear Sterling Silver to look Fabulous and Chic in any circumstances? 

How to wear Sterling Silver on your Look

Necklace My Lady Like all precious metals, wearing Sterling Silver is always elegant. It will brighten in glance all your outfits. Classic and distinguished, it can be warned and associated with almost everything without taking the risk of looking “bling-bling” and therefore vulgar.

Be aware! The Golden Rule: Do avoid to wearing Gold with Silver together as it might look “too much”.

It is of course possible to do a little exception for certain jewellery. This is the case of Charms bracelets, which allows you to mix gold and silver and is very much in the trend.

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Prefer Sterling Silver if you have either fair skin, blue, green or hazelnut eyes, and blond, red or light brown hair, or if you have dark skin, black, brown or dark eyes and hair.

Wearing Sterling Silver in Day Time

Necklace Springs Love DetailTo be Chic and discreet: Mix Sterling Silver with black and cold colours. The grey, and off white are perfect!

Necklace The Little Sis' squareTo be fashionable: Try bright cheerful colours, which the sterling silver will put in value. You straight to raspberry, red, turquoise, yellow or prune, without forgetting the orange.

Sterling Silver can also be worn with silver! Match it up with a pretty broche, silver high heels, your handbag and even your make-up (silver tones and light blue).

Wearing Sterling Silver in the Evening:

2013-05 Bracelet Grace by LHDesignsSterling Silver will glamorous and refined, mainly when associated to precious stones like diamonds or rubies, as well as water pearls. Drops earrings, a sexy long necklace, or a discreet bracelet, and you will not have one Faux-pas!

Sterling Silver White Shiny or Mat?

Pendant Elegance by Leonor Heleno Designs (5)Sterling Silver, like gold, will with time tarnish, if not taken care of properly. The tarnish comes from the air and mainly humidity. But, be sure that there is nothing more Trendy and Bohemian than tarnished sterling silver. For a Vintage look, sterling silver with run down marks might be more appropriate than white shiny silver.

To wear always shiny Sterling Silver

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To show beautiful shiny jewellery, take care of your silver to keep that bright shiny evening look! Nothing better than a beautiful precious metal to illuminate your outfit. Never clean your jewellery with your silverware, instead, prefer to wash it with a soft brush and slightly soapy water.

I hope you enjoyed this little advices, and I would love to hear how do you wear your sterling silver jewelry?!  🙂